Uber Forms Partnership With Transloc

Uber forms partnership with the transportation technology company Transloc to associate with public transit agencies.
Transloc is a company that provides technology products for public transit agencies and passengers. The ride hailing app Uber will get integrated into the Transloc rider app to provide route planning and real time bus tracking.
Uber allows users to order for a cab by a single tap through their smartphone app. It has also introduced uberpool feature that enables users to share their rides with riders locating in the same direction.
This team up will allow riders to plan their trip that integrate Uber rides and walking with public transportation. Through this Uber offers an opportunity for passengers to get a ride from their home to transit spot and from the transit spot to their destination.
Public transit agencies lose many of their passengers as they lack the option of getting rides to or from train or bus stops. This partnership enhances the advancement of public transportation. Lyft claims that a number of public agencies are waiting to form partnership with the ride hailing service.
Uber and its rival Lyft have been looking for such partners among public transit agencies knowing the fact that if they are cheaper than car ownership, then they must be used in integration with public transit.
It is evident that completing eighty five percent of rides using public transit and fifteen percent using Uber equals the car ownership cost. Both Uber and Lyft has great progress by combining with public transit agencies.

Portland Makes Lyft And Uber Legal

The ride hailing companies Uber and Lyft are considered to be legal in Portland. The city council voted for the ride hailing companies to operate in the city, as part of a pilot program of 120 days.
Commisioners Nick Fish and Anada Fritz voted against the proposal as they have concerns regarding the minimum insurance coverage and problematic business practices of Uber.
Fish said that they are not the supporter of the taxi industry in Portland which he thinks that it would benefit from the improvement of the service. He also says that he will not support the ride hailing company, as it started to operate illegaly in the city.
The commissioner Steve Novick voted in favour of the company, allowing them to pick up passengers within some limits.
The pilot program has promoted some regulations that tighten the regulations of ride hailing companies. A Novick policy advisor says that the ride hailing companies that give rides for passengers through the push of a button will be operating in Portland within a few days.
As a result of the 120 day pilot program, the ride hailing are allowed to fix their own prices for the rides, including Uber’s ‘surge pricing’ during periods of high demands, without city regulation.
Uber and Lyft are required to give services to seniors and people with disabilities using their private vehicles. All the drivers of the ride sharing company are required to obtain business license for operating in the city.