Uber’s Rival Ola Raises $500 Millions in Funding

One of the rivals of Uber, Ola has raises $500 millions in funding. It is one of the leading ride sharing apps in India. The F round Series valued the company with 5 billion, led by investors Baillie Gifford and few backers. It got inputs from China based Didi Kuaidi.
Ola that raises $1.4 billion from investors says that the company will use this new investment in the growth of the firm in India. It claims that its app is getting millions of booking request and the app is operating in more than 102 cities in India. Uber adds $1 billions of its capital for its India based business and it is taking lakhs of rides per day across 22 cities.
The company claims that its usage is expanding to three times more than its usage for the past years and the company has 350,000 vehicles including regular taxis, rickshaws and so on.
The company is interested to join with a better partner who can help them to bring out the business as its mission is to help in the mobility of billions of people.
According to a statement of the company, it tries to improve its local market through the apps Ola prime, Ola share and Old money.
The company allows cash payments while Uber just started to offer this service in India. The offer for this new funding comes few weeks after the firm introduces Ola money, a standalone app for payment services.

Taxi Companies in Vancouver Are Beating Uber

The ride sharing company Uber is valued for billions of dollars and it is currently operating in more than 330 cities. The company is investing more to provide cheap rides in order to stand out in the taxi industry, but how Vancouver taxi companies are beating Uber is still an unsolvable question.
It is not clear about the war’s status, as Uber is very quiet about this issue. According to a staff report it is evident that the city is having very few taxis and the ride sharing companies found a hurdle in the taxi services.
Council voted for the staff’s recommendation that pushes the Ministry of Transportation to involve more in the policy making around ride sharing technology. The council resisted permitting Uber within the licence regime of the city, but according to the law of the taxi industry, the city doesn’t have any rights to host Uber by dectar http://www.dectar.com/.
A romor got spreaded that Uber is going to launch in the Metro Vancouver on the Halloween day, the most engaged day for taxi industry.
Higher authorities warned uber saying if the city is trying to set up shop in BC without licence from the Passenger Transportation Board then legal actions will be taken against the ride sharing company.
Uber’s service became powerless after PTB issued 20 licenses to another ride sharing app ripe Rides in Vancouver. The taxi industry doesn’t decline this act as ripe rides went through the right process. Uber wants to work with B.C officials to develop a clear regulation for the ride sharing company.

Some valuable tips for Uber drivers out there

Uber is the most used ride hailing network in many countries across the globe. The startup’s success is due to its efficient service, brilliant smart phone app, exciting features, smart marketing strategies and a bit of pixie dust as well! To be a part of Uber community, you need to open an account on its app and it is as simple as that!
According to sources, Travis Kalanick is now looking to extend the service to many cities when there is no enough space left. Uber poses a severe threat to the local taxi services where most of the drivers are now shifted to Uber. The US based company is a life savior to many drivers and a jackpot to many freelance drivers.
People can now make money off spare time and feel like their own bosses, thanks to Uber and other ride sharing companies. Uber drivers can earn money while being a part of a day job, very smart business, eh? UberX is the private car sharing service that lets the drivers to offer rides without commercial licenses. It is banned in many cities and has an alternate name as UberPop in Europe.
The private car drivers can now make a good profit off Uber and the critics say a smart Uber driver would keep a day job no matter what! Hence, be smart enough and do not let go of your day job when you are a part of Uber community!

Uber car drivers decide their own shift timings

How would you feel when you are given the power of deciding your own work timings? You would be dancing out of joy and feel like a boss! Uber is a part of sharing economy and it is one of the emerging trends that would be ruling the world in near trend. The US based transportation network was found in 2009 and since then, it has become the most famous startup. It offers many features for its users that pose a severe threat to other local taxi services.
Recently, Uber was named as the most valuable startup in the world after beating Facebook’s record and Mark Zuckerberg would now be doing serious planning to get back his record! Jokes apart, Uber has surpassed many leading startups’ value and the credits go to the entire team! UberX is the most important and controversial feature that allows the private car drivers to offer rides without commercial licenses.
Nowadays, people can make money off spare time through sharing economy, and Uber drivers can decide their own shift timings. Many private car drivers make money off Uber while earning from other professions.
However, the critics say the freelancers will take over the labor economy and the corporate world would be hit with recession. Also, people would stop buying fancy cars and using public transport in near future. If you are a private car owner, you just need to open an account on Uber to make money off your spare time and it is as simple as that!

Uber now launches boat service in Istanbul

Uber is the most used ride hailing service in many countries across the globe and it is also known for its famous controversies. In order to restore its lost fame, Uber introduces a lot of exciting features and does feel good campaigns. This time, Uber has gone in a not-so-usual way and has come up with a feature that is “out of the box”. Earlier in 2015, the US based ride hailing company launched auto rickshaws in many cities of India and it received an immense welcome from the Indians.
Uber has now launched Sea transport in Istanbul, how freaking cool is that? Turkey’s exotic destination has luscious fields and vast oceans and Uber has introduced boat service as a marketing tool, very clever! The company has a strong media foundation and innovative marketing strategies to make money off its users. According to statistics, Uber is the most valuable startup that is worth $51 billion and it has made record in a short span of time.
Uber’s boat service has been appreciated by the public and also criticized by the media. The company has refused to reveal the number of trips it offers to the tourists but has stated the service is doing well in the city. Turkey has always welcomed technology and Uber’s new addition has already posed a threat to Istanbul’s local taxi services. The ride hailing company seems to be growing stronger and it is definitely here to stay for a long run!

Lyft and Uber would not affect individual car buyers

The ride sharing companies are slowly increasing everyday and the local taxi services are already feeling the heat. Even car manufacturers feel a dangerous threat from the ride hailing companies simply because people would not be interested to own a car in near future.
Uber is the most used ride hailing transport network in many countries across the globe. Recently, the company became the most valuable startup in the world after raising $51 billion. It poses a potential threat to the traditional yellow cabs and the labor economy. Lyft is another online transport service that follows the same concept of Uber and there is always a fiery competition between Lyft and the mighty Uber.
According to a survey, the ride hailing companies would create a severe impact in the car manufacturers industry and people would slowly stop buying cars. But Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra has raised voice against the survey and has stated that it would not affect the business.
However, the critics feel the sharing economy is a dangerous threat to other economies and would soon conquer the world. Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick has announced that the company would own every autonomous car that Tesla produces. Autonomous cars are safer on roads and avoid accidents to a greater extent. All these future plans from Uber are digging a trap hole for the car manufacturers and would grab major attention from people around the world, we will just have to wait and watch!

Uber offers puppy sharing service as a cover up for its controversies

So Uber thinks it can get away with charges by introducing play dates with cute little puppies, very lame! The US based ride hailing company has always been famous for its efficient service and infamous controversies as well. Many countries have even permanently banned the service due to its controversies. But in order to stay in the race and grab attention, the company offers convenient features and does feel good campaigns.
Recently, Uber was hit with charges in Vancouver, but Uber paid more visits to nonprofit organizations than court trial rooms. If you are still clueless regarding the company’s strategy, you should think about using your brain next time!
Uber collaborated with a nonprofit organization called CAARE that provides shelter for the abandoned dogs. The controversial ride hailing company offered play dates with cute puppies for $30 and the campaign received a huge support from the dog lovers. The news made an entry into many channels and grabbed huge attention.
Despite being the most valuable startup in the world, Uber has always faced issues with its service across the globe. But that did not stop the company from achieving more and extending its services. It even poses a dangerous threat to the local taxi services and it is also an inspiration to many startups that are slowly emerging. According to the critics, it is a black market that is basically looting money off its users. Puppies might change people’s mind but it would not last for a long run!

Uber To Offer Rides For People With Disabilities And Seniors In Ventura County

The ride hailing app Uber is planning to bring out its new idea of offering rides to seniors and disabled people in Ventura County.
More than half a dozen of drivers are using their own cars for the purpose of Uber services in east Ventura County.
In the beginning of the services, cars were few in numbers, but after some days the number raised up to 30 for the rides between Ventura and Oxnard.
One of the independent contractors of Uber, driving Mercedes Benz C250 creates his own schedule to give up to 40 rides per week for the riders who use the app on their smart phone.
This service is similar to some of its rivals Lyft and Curb, where the users use their smartphones to offer rides, but Uber is more efficient as it locates the drivers and shows the driver’s arrival time. It is little hard to get a taxi during peak hours, but Uber has many drivers who are active all the time.
Uber gets huge response from Ventura County,as getting a ride can be made easy through a single press of a button.
The company is to attract even more riders with its new services UberASSIST and UberWAV.
UberASSIST is to assist people with disabilities and seniors to get in and out of the vehicle. UberWAV is a service that connects riders with vehicles that are equipped with lifts or ramps. Both of these services are available in Uber app. UberWAV help disabled riders to get connect with partners with whellchair available vehicles.

Uber Forms Partnership With Transloc

Uber forms partnership with the transportation technology company Transloc to associate with public transit agencies.
Transloc is a company that provides technology products for public transit agencies and passengers. The ride hailing app Uber will get integrated into the Transloc rider app to provide route planning and real time bus tracking.
Uber allows users to order for a cab by a single tap through their smartphone app. It has also introduced uberpool feature that enables users to share their rides with riders locating in the same direction.
This team up will allow riders to plan their trip that integrate Uber rides and walking with public transportation. Through this Uber offers an opportunity for passengers to get a ride from their home to transit spot and from the transit spot to their destination.
Public transit agencies lose many of their passengers as they lack the option of getting rides to or from train or bus stops. This partnership enhances the advancement of public transportation. Lyft claims that a number of public agencies are waiting to form partnership with the ride hailing service.
Uber and its rival Lyft have been looking for such partners among public transit agencies knowing the fact that if they are cheaper than car ownership, then they must be used in integration with public transit.
It is evident that completing eighty five percent of rides using public transit and fifteen percent using Uber equals the car ownership cost. Both Uber and Lyft has great progress by combining with public transit agencies.

Portland Makes Lyft And Uber Legal

The ride hailing companies Uber and Lyft are considered to be legal in Portland. The city council voted for the ride hailing companies to operate in the city, as part of a pilot program of 120 days.
Commisioners Nick Fish and Anada Fritz voted against the proposal as they have concerns regarding the minimum insurance coverage and problematic business practices of Uber.
Fish said that they are not the supporter of the taxi industry in Portland which he thinks that it would benefit from the improvement of the service. He also says that he will not support the ride hailing company, as it started to operate illegaly in the city.
The commissioner Steve Novick voted in favour of the company, allowing them to pick up passengers within some limits.
The pilot program has promoted some regulations that tighten the regulations of ride hailing companies. A Novick policy advisor says that the ride hailing companies that give rides for passengers through the push of a button will be operating in Portland within a few days.
As a result of the 120 day pilot program, the ride hailing are allowed to fix their own prices for the rides, including Uber’s ‘surge pricing’ during periods of high demands, without city regulation.
Uber and Lyft are required to give services to seniors and people with disabilities using their private vehicles. All the drivers of the ride sharing company are required to obtain business license for operating in the city.